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The form to order your requirements: (The form should be filled out only after the customer’s form is completed.

In order to see the customer’s form, please click ) here

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Merchandising Director of Rangin Nakh Company Dear Sirs,

dyed yarn dyed yarn on warp

take the required measures in order to send the products to factory

The Form to Order Dyed Yarn *:
Commission Buy
Type of yarn *:
Ring Open-end
Size of yarn *:

Material of yarn *:
100% Cotton Cotton synthetic

Extra information:

Number Color/Color Code * Amount (in Kilo)* Number Color/Color Code Amount (in Kilo)
1 7
2 8
3 9
4 10
5 11
6 12



Contact us

Adress:Shaid Salimi industrial 35Km Azarshar_Tabriz road
Phone : (41) 34328101
Fax: (41) 34328102
Email: info@rangestan.com

Latest News

new sections of warping and sizing in Mazandaran branch -

Rangin Nakhe Tabriz Company inaugurated new sections of warping and sizing in Mazandaran branch- Emamzadeh Abdollah industrial township- on the first days of “Domestic Production and Support of Work and Capital” year nominated by the Supreme Leader of Iran. This was done to supplement the manufacturing line of dyed yarn and to back the producers of woven fabrics. This is a crucial step forward to improve the quality of the domestic products. This section will enable our customers to buy raw and dyed yarn on the warp and also optimize production rate.

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